Body Facials

Nurse Jamie Beauty Park has facial treatments for almost all of the neglected areas of your body.

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Nurse Jamie Body Facials


Back Facial 

Baby got Back! This is a nice treat for a special occasion, or just maintenance that you feel you might need. Show off one of your body's most attractive areas knowing that it is visually pleasing from the backside. The service replicates the mini-facial, only for your back. Treat Yourself! (30 minutes)  $125

Bikini Facial 

Feel beautiful in your bikini with this popular treatment for women who have a tendency to get ingrown hairs in their bikini area. Blackheads or bumps that you don't understand why they appeared? There is nothing more unsightly than bumps around the pubic area and we have the ability to "evacuate those homesteaders." Service description follows the method of the mini-facial., only for your bikini area. (30 minutes)  $125

Butt Facial

Get your booty back with a fanny facial from Nurse Jamie! Those little bumps that you feel on your butt that you sometimes try to scratch off are called folliculitis. Most everyone has it to some degree. During a Butt Facial we lay you on your tummy and cover everything up except your butt. This quick and easy treatment makes your backside baby smooth, helps tone, and is very similar to the mini- facial description mentioned above. (30 minutes)  $125