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Vitamin Injections

When nutrients are injected directly into the bloodstream they bypass the digestive system and are “pushed” directly into cells where they can be more effectively utilized by the body. Weekly vitamin shots are an effective way to increase your energy, strengthen your immune system and promote weight loss.

B12 Shot

Deficiencies in such nutrients as vitamin B-6, all B-complex vitamins, and especially vitamin B-12, can contribute to low energy. Treatment is easy and includes getting a B-12 injection. Since B-12 is difficult to absorb through the stomach, the injection helps proper absorption For a quick dose of energy come to the Park for a shot of B12. Among the biggest fans of the B12 injection are stars that need a little boost before heading into the grind of 18 hour days of filming. B12 has been shown to have beneficial results in reducing stress, fatigue, improving memory, and cardiovascular health, and many attribute weight loss to this little shot.


Vitamin Complex Shot

Our Vitamin Complex Shot is essential for healthy nerve function and healthy nerve sheaths; as well, they maintain skin and eye health and help produce red blood cells in the body to assist with DNA synthesis and repair. This shot consists of: Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12.


Metabolism Boost “Lipo-Shot”

Our Metabolism Boost “Lipo-Shot” will improve your weight loss program and boost your energy. It includes 3 fat-burning amino acids (Methionine, Inositol, Choline) and vitamin B12 



Vitamin Infused Facial


Take your vitamins! As the largest organ of the body, our skin absorbs the nutrients and anti-oxidant vitamins that we put onto it. Fight free radical damage and environmental aging with Vitamin-Infused oxygen therapy that is delivered into the skin through a fine mist. This facial treatment will leave you hydrated and glowing! It’s food for the skin. (50 minutes)  $150

Treatment Includes:  Extractions • Oxygen • Exfoliation • Customized Vitamin Serum 

Suggested Add-Ons:  Parafen Treatment • Neck or Chest Treatment

Recommended At-Home Maintenance:  Instant UpLift™ Facial Firming Beauty Tool

Nurse Jamie Signature Lymphatic Detox

The Nurse Jamie Signature Lymphatic Detox is where east meets west to help detoxify your body and stimulate your lymphatic system. This Nurse Jamie signature technique is a blend of using the latest ultrasonic technology and manual lymphatic drainage massage.

30 min - $199

60 min - $300